Half Street Heart Attack

Setting the Situation


The Nationals have a very unique television contract. The rights to the Nationals were actually sold by Major League Baseball, when they were the Expos/Nats owners, to the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network. The Baltimore Orioles/Peter Angelos started with 90% ownership of the network and allowed the Nationals organization to buy a minority share of 10% growing 1% every year until it reached 33% for 75 million dollars. One of the clauses in the contract was that the Nationals had to be paid a fair market rate that is renegotiated very fifth year. The two teams submitted their bid for the broadcast rights a few years ago and could not come to an agreement, so the negotiation was sent to MLB for arbitration. According to the report the Nationals are asking somewhere north of 100 million a year, which would put them in the ballpark of the top…

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